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Wide Bass Guitar Straps

The wide bass guitar straps are a iconic part of an iconic fashion style. With their extra wide padded leather constructed metal rear shoulder strap, these straps make a statement about your sound. The black finish with red symbolizes hard work and goaltender skill. The straps are perfect for those who prefer an iconic look. They alsonfy theammy grip style with their unique 3. 25" extra wide padded leather.

Extra Wide Guitar Strap

Extra wide guitar strap, made from durable leather, is a great way to protect your guitar from toppling over. It's a great addition to your guitar effects line-up and gives your guitar an extra layer of protection.

4 Inch Wide Bass Guitar Straps

This 3. 25 wide bass strap is an iconic product for any musician. It is made from light-distressed brown leather and is made to be slightly wider than it is long. It has a brown visual style and is made to provide support and stability to the instrument. this 3 inch wide guitar straps is made of sturdy leather and is an excellent choice for attaching to a guitar for a comfortable hold. It is also adjustable to fit any size. this belt is designed to support and protect your bass guitar while letting you play music in any way you like. The soft foam strap belt is also adjustable, so you can fit more belt around your belt to fit specifically. The belt also has six pick-up designs to help you signal your playing routine, and the holder has a comfortable fit. our extra wide bass guitar straps are perfect for anyone who wants an adjustable fit and look. With a black finish and adjusters, these straps make a perfect addition to any musician's kit.