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Custom Leather Guitar Strap With Name

This is a beautiful black leather guitar strap with a name like yours. It has also been recently oiled and is in great condition. It would make a great addition to your guitar.

Custom Leather Guitar Strap With Name Amazon

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Custom Leather Guitar Strap With Name Walmart

This unique and beautiful guitar strap is made with custom leather that has your name and music notes on it. It is a great addition to any guitar. our strap is made from high quality leather, finally it has been finished with a wolf's fur treatment. The strap is now finished with a name and wolf's fur on the finish. It would make you look very stylish and complete your look as a player. this straps is made with extra-thick comfortable leather which will never cut into your skin. It has a name4inch wide brown evil eye star logo on the front and is black eagle, with a 4in wide black evil eye star logo on the back. this is a perfect quality custom leather guitar strap with a black nametag and crosshatch pattern in white letters. It is also leather but it is not cold-pressed and is not tested on the road. It is made for an acoustic or a low-end guitar and is ideal for wearing at home or at the gig.